Writing Through the Bible: A New Series to Deepen Faith & Understanding

I don’t have a mind like a steel trap, unlike my mother who is amazingly sharp.  My memories are fuzzy at best, and I can’t recall information that was drilled into my head at an early age that I haven’t used repetitively over the years, such as naming the presidents in order.  I could barely memorize that list well enough to pass the quiz in 3rd grade, and since I haven’t needed that information since that school test in 1988, my mind promptly evicted that data to make room for other information.

Unfortunately, this constant purging of information also includes really good stuff, like everything I read in God’s Word.  I don’t memorize scriptures word-for-word no matter how many times I read them.  I can’t recall scriptures by book, chapter, and verse like others can, although I can remember the approximate location in my Bible, which side of the book (left or right) and the general location on the page (towards the top or bottom).  This requires a lot of leafing through the pages looking for the underlined passage or note I remember writing on that page.  But it works for me so I’m not knocking it.

I have accepted that I’m not one who will memorize and spit out scriptures, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to dive into God’s Word any less.  I just have to find something else that helps soak the Word down into my heart and soul, and if it sticks in my brain for later recall, well, that’s just a bonus.  Something that I’ve found works well for me and the way my mind works is scripture writing.  I know, it feels like elementary penmanship class!  (Do they even still do that?  I heard cursive writing is a thing of the past!)  But the combination of reading the words, focusing on the words as I write them out, and then pausing to meditate on what that scripture, or set of scriptures, is speaking to me, really works well in getting the Word and its meaning down into my heart, spirit, and even my mind.

Victoria Osborn over at Creative Home Keeper has a wonderful resource for scripture writing, and it’s free!  This is the resource that introduced me to this style of learning scriptures, and I’m so thankful I found it.  This has really helped in my efforts to spend more time in God’s Word, so maybe it will help you, too.

My goal is pretty simple: Just start writing through the Bible.  I’m a linear thinker so I like to start things at the beginning and follow through to the end, so I’m going to start in Genesis.  I have no deadline other than when God calls me home to Heaven so I’m not assigning myself a “due date” in any shape or form.  I’m also not forcing a set daily number to write, as I prefer to let the Word guide me.  I will do a minimum of one verse, but I’ll write scriptures until I need to pause and think through what God’s speaking to me.

In addition to writing the scriptures, I am going to journal my thoughts and what God is speaking to me through these verses.  It may be one word or several pages, who knows!  But I want to capture the understanding that is flowing from these scriptures the moment they come to me so I’m not going to inhibit myself by saying I must write a certain number of verses.  (A side benefit is this will greatly improve my handwriting that has really gotten chicken-scratchy over the years! ha)

I made up a very simple checklist in my bullet journal to mark off verses as I complete them.  Totally not necessary, but I hope it will be that little extra accountability to keep me on track and a visual reminder that it’s an important part of my day!  I just made a grid and when the chapter changed, I used the alternate ink color.  I color or shade in the boxes as I complete the verses.

I hope to post frequently in this new series to share what I’m learning and to inspire others, as well as learn from you!  Please consider joining me as often as you’d like.

If you would like to share your method of soaking up God’s Word, I would love to hear it so please comment below!

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