Pantry Tour!

I’m very excited to showcase my new pantry setup, as I love a good pantry and food storage system, and this is the biggest space I’ve ever had to work with so I’m on cloud 9!

My favorite things about having this amazing pantry space:

  • It saves me a LOT of money on food.  I can take advantage of sales and stock up on stuff that keeps for an extended period, such as canned goods, pastas, beans, and baking ingredients.  I can also stock up on product that doesn’t need to be refrigerated because my pantry space is cool enough to keep the produce fresh for a longer time than if I were storing it in my heated kitchen space.

  • It allows me a flexible menu plan.  Although I do usually make some sort of a menu plan for the week, having a good amount of stored food, purchased at rock bottom prices, give me the opportunity to shop my own shelves for whatever meal I’m making.  Instead of running to the store on those nights it’s almost dinnertime and I haven’t even thought about what I’m making, instead I go to the pantry and fling open the doors and bask in the loveliness of!

  • It keeps me organized.  I’m an equal mix of organized and can’t keep my act together, so when I don’t have an organized food storage space, I am more likely to let food go to waste due to inattention or forgetfulness or not trying hard enough to keep up with the rotation and what’s on hand to be used up.  This pantry is large enough to afford separate shelves for grouping like items together (think canned, baking, beans, pasta, etc) so I can very easily see what I have on hand, what I’m running low on, and what needs used up first.

Click below to watch the video of my pantry tour.  Feel free to leave a comment on the video, like, and share!

I hope you, too, have a fabulous food storage area.  Please share below in the comments how you stock up and how you store it!

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